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How do your skis perform on bumps/moguls?

Bumps/mogul performance

Our KeyHole Technology allows for reduced sidecut but—counterintuitively—even easier turning. That’s not just true on a groomer in a tip-to-tail carved turn, it’s true in all snow conditions and terrain. Off trail in crud, crust, and weirdly consolidated backcountry snow, less sidecut makes for better tracking—the ski isn’t trying to hook up when you don’t want it to. A similar dynamic is at play in bumps. With mogul skiing, you’re essentially just checking or tapping the edges underfoot for quick changes of direction. Here too, excessive sidecut gets hooky and diminishes tracking. That’s why competition mogul skis still look so old school. With peak, our 98s and 104s feel quicker and more manageable in bumps than skis of similar widths.