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Is there a left and right ski?

Left and right ski

All Peak skis are symmetrical and interchangeable—meaning no dedicated left and right skis here. Even our asymmetrical graphics were designed to look good on either foot.

But, and this is an important point if you care about tuning (and you should), it’s always wise to take a mental note of which skis are on which feet.

Here’s why: As we ski, our inside edges handle the majority of pressure. On rock-hard snow, they get dull sooner. On just plain rocky snow, they get dinged up quicker.

That’s when an attentive skier will swap left and right skis to put those fresh outside edges on the inside and get a bit more edge bite in between ski tunes.

As a handy visual clue in service of that goal, graphically speaking, Bode’s signature is on the right ski.