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Do you make fat skis like in a 125+ width?

Fat skis -- 125+

The short of it

Our 110mm is super capable and near impossible to sink in powder. We're considering building a 118 in the future.

The long version

We’re fans of skis over 115mm underfoot too, but to us they’re best suited for the worst of days. Meaning knee torquing breakable crust or that type of deep, heavy, wet, often broken snow we call “death mank.” In our initial offerings we designed and built the Peak 110 because we think it can handle every snow surface from hardback to cold smoke to those nastier snow surfaces. Again, we credit another KeyHole effect. Because that forebody is so compliant the 110 floats naturally to the surface instead of plowing. And here too your balance is over your feet. Those attributes make it fun and playful. Our 110 is a great powder ski, but It’s way more than a powder ski.