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What happened with Bomber and Crosson?

Bode's other ski projects.

It’s true that, in his quest to make better consumer skis, Bode explored a few partnerships, including with Bomber and Crosson.  As he did throughout his entire racing career, Bode maintains an intense focus on ski design and innovation. He also has a clear vision on how to take what he learned on the World Cup and apply it to high performance, user friendly, all-mountain skis.   

Bode terminated his partnership with Bomber when he couldn’t develop the skis he’d envisioned. While at Crosson, Bode impacted key aspects of design and construction. He remains a consultant for Crosson Ski Company.  

Today, as cofounder of Peak Ski Company, Bode’s priority is on the Peak Skis by Bode Miller line. Bode founded Peak Skis with Andy Wirth, Peak’s CEO, the two are joint owners and Bode is Peak’s Director of Innovation. 

In a recent article, Wirth said that Peak is “taking the halter and the bridle off of Bode and letting him run.” 

The skis that carry the Peak by Bode Miller name are an unfiltered expression of Bode’s knowledge, experience, and mensa-level intellect when it comes to design.