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What's the deal with bindings?

Peak Ski Company's position on binding sales, selection and mounting.

Peak Skis are shipped flat (no bindings). The logistics of having Peak mount bindings would add unnecessary shipping costs to the process. (To do it safely, we’d need you to ship both boots for the mounting and binding testing.) Find a quality specialty ski shop in your area for the mounting.

As for which brand and model to consider, Bode and the product team are fans of the Look Pivot family of bindings, chiefly because the Pivots interrupt the natural flex of our skis less than other models.

That said, if you have loyalty to a major binding manufacturer or model, their two-piece offerings (no plates or systems) work great on our skis. (We tested them.)

When you head to the shop remember to bring both boots and point out the sticker on the skis with mounting instructions.