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What is the stiffness like on the 104 skis?

104 Ski Stiffness

KeyHole Technology™ and rocker make it hard to provide a short answer to this question.  All the Peak skis have a somewhat unique flex pattern that fits with the holistic nature of our ski design. Thanks to KeyHole, the forebody of the ski is easy and compliant, but when you get to the sweet spot of the turn and you’re achieving higher edge angles the longitudinal and torsional stiffness feels more engaged. We can confidently say that as user-friendly as the 104 is, it also has best in class stability and edgehold when you want to push it. The trick was getting the stiffness dialed. Bode was instrumental in that part of the prototyping. We ended up going with a beefier core profile (longitudinal stiffness) and more metal (torsional stiffness) to get it right.